Sunday, August 11, 2013


                                                                      CURRENT MOOD

                     *Book currently reading - Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes.

It’s a suspense thriller about a woman and her bad, baaaad relationship that has done quite a job on her psyche. It goes back between two time lines, two plots but about the same girl, the result of it and the beginning at the same time in each alternating chapter, pretty neat way to tell a story! But it did take me a day to figure it out, guess reading this on the train going to work at 8am is not a good time for experiments. I saw this for a buck in my subscription email and snagged it for a read on my phone, after I blog this I will be picking this up again.

*Tea -

Sadly not mine, this is a neat picture of a skull made from a mold, I will put up my own once the recipe is up and yes of course I have skull and bones ice cube trays, who doesn't? This whole skull loving theme on here came out nowhere, maybe its an homage to my love of horror, not sure but I can't resists.

Homemade Sweet tea made from Prince of Wales tea bags by Twinings, beats Lipton and Tetley hands down. Recipe coming soon, I like to do multi test batches before I post anything about food that I give a recipe to. But basically you boil a cup of water to a tea bag, my pitcher holds 9 cups. you then steep your tea of choice once it’s off the heat, mix sugar 15 min later and chill. Chill this sucker to the bone, or stem, whatever. Gulp with some fresh lemon squeezed in and tons of ice.

* Kitties -

With so many guests and visitors even my cats get rowdy. I have three crazy ones. A black and white reverse tux - Desmond ( My 2nd favorite tv show to Fringe is Lost and it was a bit of a helper here with a name) a bear sized black beauty - Emily ( M or Mimi for short) and a newest shelter rescue from last December, Shaggy dog He was named after one of the direwolves from Game of Thrones because he’s a wild one, I think he’s part bobcat or something but the place told us half domestic, half Persian. I have a 15 year old Persian at my mom’s house, Pacey, who is slowly losing his left eye, they really do have so many issues, sigh, I really urge people to adopt and not help keep this pure breed line that seems to leave so many pets sick and genetically not strong.

So I think that Desmond is getting tired of people, he acts up a lot to the point of exhaustion where he falls asleep on a wall corner or my lap. This morning I found him on top of my face, his throat and face on my cheek, purring away, we slept that way for an hour. I took some funny pictures of him 10 minutes ago so this whole post naturally came up in my head, well it just happened. He went nuts on some shopping bags I had to move out of the general apartment area so they weren’t in people’s way. Here are some Desmond funnies -

Out of nowhere he got super pissed at the poor Starbucks bag innocently sitting there, his pet cheetah snake toy didn’t help…

Followed by a tug and war attack and then finally victory, I hope, in the end… oh Dez, I know exactly how you feel :D

 The life of a cat mother is never easy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I will be reading some more of my book next and reworking the 3rd Kathy Reich review, I am not smitten with the one I had all ready posted in the past. Wishing you all a nice, peaceful afternoon :) you to Mark, hope you enjoy your Grease-day :P

Wishing all a happy, book filled Sunday.


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I like to drink some tea when I am reading a book.