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Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child review

I’m slowly catching up to updating my Pendergast review page, these books kick some serious arse, but please read in order, if it’s not fun that way then jump around, you can’t undo the known and then be surprised… So it's only Wednesday, this week feels three years long all ready, but we’re only a weekend away from a weekend :P

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                                                        CEMETERY DANCE
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
(Pendergast # 9)

4.0 out of 5 stars Don't read in the dark, this carries a chill

By now the authors must think that it's pretty funny to toy with the reader's heart, I'm a constant fan when it comes to the Perndergast books but putting the lives of all my favorite characters into some seriously creepy jeopardy is not funny!! I think by page 153 I was making disturbing sounds while reading it on the couch in the dark I because I was asked what the heck was I reading and if I was all right... yes thanks, just getting my internal organs rearranged... Cemetery Dance is book number nine in the FBI agent with a little air of mystery ala Jackie Chan but James Bond style; Pendergast, who is one of my absolute favorite literary characters in the existence of the known universe after the Big Bang. This book starts off fast and hard, one of the top characters in the series is killed, gruesomely murdered in their own apartment (I wont spoil who as central as it is to the plot) and their death resonates deep within everyone, D'Agosta, Nora, Pendergast, Hayward and the task forces who work effortlessly to get to the truth and heart of the matter. I really liked the crazy topic this embraced, I'm reviewing this books weeks after reading it and I have nothing but fond warm fuzzy memories of it, minus the creepy and ice chilled parts that made me grips the book harder than normal, yeah those...ick, there was some more delicious dreaded hide and seek- followed by a mad killed - type of museum stuff as it was so greatly done in Cabinet of Curiosities, book #3 which I really enjoyed, totally bone chilling and well done!

This story managed to dive deep into some dark places of the character's souls, abysmal and depressing issues risen from anger and need for vengeance pushed someone to investigate the horrid and terrible death of their loved one, the results were magical and dark of course but a great read from the duo who writes Special Agent Pendergast so wonderfully, I can’t wait to dive into the next read, they are always incredibly intoxicating with their creativity and intelligent charm.

- Kasia S. 

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