Saturday, August 10, 2013

They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon review

Saturday night, ahh… finally some quiet time for me, this summer we've had a lot of my boyfriend's family visiting and staying over and today we had another cousin flying in from Japan so they are all out, guys night out.. have fun and thank you for leaving me to books, blogs and couch warming while I enjoy a cold beer, watch a favorite cooking show and catch up to my reviews. Honestly preferred to dragging my body into the night, might as well read a peaceful story about um, well, people being dragged out into the night until they became bodies, empty ones.. oh crap, this book IS a night out, a wild one but it's a wild couch night, pajamas allowed.. I highly recommend this horror for those who like their adventures picturesque, I can still feel that sandstorm on my face..tfu!

   by Robert McCammon

 4.0 out of 5 starsThis book will definitely suck you in

I'm both excited and appalled; excited because I picked such a good McCammon to read and appalled that it took me this long to finally read one of his books! I'm a huge horror fan but even I get side tracked by the myriad of available new reads pouring out all the time from beneath gifted pens, but this is 80's horror which is one of my favorites and it didn't fail to be as good as it should have. The story reads almost like a movie because it's so colorful, crazy and picturesque, it starts off very chilling and progresses to realistic only to remind the reader that normal is not the comfort zone here, sharp teeth and a new breed of terror are taking the reign. This was published the year I was born, so I'm a bit behind but I finally got there, and I'm ready for more from this gifted author.

They Thirst is a book about a thirst on a mission, to empty and refill every throbbing vein in LA until an army deep and dense arises to serve a new ruler, Vulcan the ancient evil, the king of Vampires. It sounds fantastic but placed against a realistic backdrop of a real city with its residents the tale weaves an ebb through the characters and makes them real. I loved how the city was modern but the ancient castle in its midst gave it that old creepy feel that made the story even better not to mention the weather control and the animal attacks so cleverly written in. We get a handful of mortals who end up in the way of the destructive force; a priest, a cop, some kid who lost his parents and a tv star - they all end up on path, a path that will either lead them to salvation or speed them to the hungry death that has swept up their city even if no one believed it to be real. The background info and writing on each person is fabulous, I bet everyone will have their favorites by the time they read this great story. I loved the vampire theme which was quite vicious, not much romance here and it would jump from character to character and shift gears only to attack from another side. I wish all books were this much fun!

- Kasia S. 


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