Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wolf time.. Master of the Moors by Kealan Patric Burke review

I have to disclose that I absolutely love werewolf film and fiction, I rarely get to read or watch it and I can count on my hand how many times it has met my demands but that doesn't mean that I will stop trying, here's another one, this time on a light side for the newbies but also something new for old fans, happy Sunday night, my beloved Sunday night Game of Thrones annihilation isn't here so this will have to do ...

                 MASTER OF THE MOORS
                 by Kealan Patrick Burke
                 4.0 out of 5 starsThis one has a bite and a bark to it

Imagine a village surrounded by tall firs enshrouded in murky fog, it happens a lot at the edge of the Brent Prior moors. I'm talking the complete envelopment of the primordial ways of fire and steel when something dark starts to threaten villagers from the murky woods. Pitchforks and torches come out when someone goes missing. Old folklore is on the lips of every whisper released, tales of an incident from the past  have comeback to haunt the future. People missing, screams and sightings of a large, stealthy animal lurking around aren't helping either..

This was such a gorgeous tale with beautiful scenery including the eerie melancholy of the woods and the bone chilling fog mixed with well written silence of the moors that I relished in each chapter. Being lost in the woods never sounded this exciting and scary before. This is a fun little story that will take the reader back to old times, fans of movies such as The Company of Wolves and The Brotherhood of the Wolf should really enjoy this one. It's subtle and visceral at the same time. This isn't a poem as romantic as it sounds, there is loss and there are such things as monsters, the unknowns truly makes us scared as past comes knocking on the door, literally. I'd like to stay vague on the general theme here, I read this without knowing anything about the book and was pleasantly surprised. This is a story about two young adults, Kate and Neil who want nothing more than to see their sick, bed ridden father rise up, he doesn't want to as he doesn't feel it's safe to be around them due to a past incident which involved the moors and some missing people, he knows something that he's not supposed to. As they get older something is revealed to them, something that will shatter their world and its illusion forever and the path they will choose will be very interesting. This was such a ride, as a reader I felt shaken up but so were the characters, Kate, Neil, Grady none of them we ready for the visit their little village got, and not all of them would see it the same way ever again. Everyone along with the reader was on their toes, this make the old folklore of the story fresh and it took an old favorite to new heights, it's not what you expect and it's great.

- Kasia S.

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