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James Patterson reading order

Monday mournings, it's that day again.
Insert the face on the side... yeah that's my level of motivation on Monday mornings, perhaps I should have been born a cat, but then no books so I guess it'd bear it just for the sake of reading.  I was born on a Monday, how about that for irony, now it's pushing back at me :P
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So now that work is over I can finally start my real day and in what better way than to give a perfect reading order of James Patterson's works. I love reading anything in order so these lists are a real life saver. I almost never ever read any series out of order, either way it's nice to have a comprehensive list of some of the top favorite authors and I will post orders of those I enjoy, anyone needs one posted, let me know :)  Okay back to Patterson, the man writes fast, lol, I mean really fast.. ahem, so it will be updated as often as possible w/ last updated date in the top of the post. Initial post is from 7/29/13.

I have read many Patterson books through the years and currently I'm up to the 14th in the Alex Cross series which is very good, especially the early ones. I can still explicitly remember when and where I was when I read Cat and Mouse, Four Blind Mice, The Big Bad Wolf, thats impressive. I can see that day and that moment clear as ice. I have also read few of his stand alone novels, not bad, and quick, you can snack on these at any time. You wont remember all the plots but some do stand out in a good way.

JAMES PATTERSON  - Updated 9/20/2013


Along Came a SpiderKiss the GirlsJack and JillCat and MousePop! Goes the WeaselRoses Are RedViolets Are BlueFour Blind MiceThe Big Bad WolfLondon BridgesMary MaryCrossDouble CrossCross CountryAlex Cross's TrialI, Alex CrossCross FireKill Alex CrossMerry Christmas, Alex CrossAlex Cross, Run
Cross My Heart

When the Wind BlowsThe Lake HouseWhen the Wind Blows and The Lake House   

The Angel ExperimentSchool's Out-- ForeverSaving the World: And Other Extreme SportsThe Final WarningMaxFangAngelNevermore

Honeymoon (with Howard Roughan)
1. Honeymoon (2005)
2. Second Honeymoon (2013)
HoneymoonSecond Honeymoon

Daniel X
1. Dangerous Days of Daniel X (2008) (with Michael Ledwidge)
2. Watch the Skies (2009) (with Ned Rust)
3. Demons and Druids (2010) (with Adam Sadler)
4. Game Over (2011) (with Ned Rust)
5. Armageddon (2012) (with Chris Grabenstein)
Alien Hunter (2008) (with Leopoldo Gout)

Witch and Wizard
1. Witch and Wizard (2009) (with Gabrielle Charbonnet)
2. The Gift (2010) (with Ned Rust)
3. The Fire (2010) (with Jill Dembowski)
4. The Kiss (2012) (with Jill Dembowski)
Battle for Shadowland (2010)
Witch and WizardThe GiftThe FireThe KissBattle for Shadowland

Jack Morgan
1. Private (2010) (with Maxine Paetro)
2. Private: #1 Suspect (2012) (with Maxine Paetro)
3. Private L.A. (2014) (with Mark T Sullivan)
PrivatePrivate: #1 SuspectPrivate L.A.

Quick Reads 2011
Bloody Valentine (2011)
Bloody Valentine

Private LondonPrivate GamesPrivate: #1 SuspectPrivate BerlinPrivate Down UnderPrivate L.A.Private

Confessions of a Murder SuspectThe Private School Murders

I, Funny

NYPD Red (with Marshall Karp)
1. NYPD Red (2012)
2. NYPD Red 2 (2014)
NYPD RedNYPD Red 2  


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