Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday morning horror musings - Ania Ahlborn novels

Happy Friday, bon weekend everyone. I have a rare day off, so coffee in bed, cats piled in and the whole deal...Morning reading made me realize that I had to post about my last Ahlborn read, I'm currently reading a wicked novella by Burke so it made me think about the last book I really loved that was fiction so here we are, enter Ania Ahlborn.

I love my horror reading so I'm always impressed when someone young can come up with something that has such literary heft, honestly I don’t even care what genre it is, a great story will get you, boring rambling will vanish into obscurity the moment you put it away but deep down horror rocks my boat. Not every book feels fun, most are entertaining, some enraging and sucky but only a few dredge themselves through our brains and leave bits and pieces to echo back, for a moment there I felt like Walter Bishop ( Fringe) :P love him! Anyways, I have discovered horror at fifteen but Ania, well her I discovered on Goodreads when fellow members of the  Horror Aficionados group gushed about her. I had to read it and so it began, three books later I'm a definite fan, Ahlborn is quickly growing as someone to keep an eye on. She can definitely write a good book and yes, it’s going to be horror :)

                THE SHUDDERING by Ania Ahlborn
4.0 out of 5 starsThis will hook you in and then lock the door and throw away the key so good luck,

After reading all of Ania's novels I was certain that she has that something, a certain spark that promises good reads in the fold of the velvet curtain covering the opening of each mysterious plot she plans, each idea is so distinct and worth the reader's time that I can't wait to see what else she can come up with. The Shuddering did something different for a change, it made the monster second in place of the characters that were so unbelievable that I stopped, gasped and cringed as I read. Even the food in the book was good, when the clan in the cabin was treated to a Boeuf Bourguignon ( Burgundy Beef, a French wine stew) I had to go to the store on Saturday half way through reading, buy my ingredients and make it the next day as I finished, and the sauce is one of the best ever, matches the writing and I can taste the story on the back of my mind. This is a tales of love and loss, and with a no hold barrel monster that promises to take prisoners until your bones ache. This story could take off as being another fantastic tale but the roots are so well grounded in who is in it; Jane, Ryan, Sawyer, Lauren, April and Oona (the dog) are spending their last get together at a snowed in luxury cabin, only this time their vacation has planned a detour, one that might take them right out of this world. There are unresolved love triangles, pain and betrayal and conflicts that run colder than the icy snow raining on the cabin as something dark and hungry surrounds it.

This book reads like a Game of Thrones story, I didn't see many things coming, it made for one of the best book in bed weekend's I've had in a while, a nice cold glass of beer didn't hurt, I was seriously worried and sweating bullets for the characters as things went from bad to worse. I really liked the pacing for once since so many books get that wrong, and the interaction between the characters was priceless, I was more interested in who was in love with whom than being busy worrying that this was a horror book so watch out as lives are pulled away faster than one can turn the page. I sincerely hope that the author is working on a new story or I will be sadder than a kid who got coal in his stockings, or whatever rocks your misery boat.

- Kasia S. 

Ania Ahlborn reading order/novels

SeedThe NeighborsThe Shuddering

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