Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long Time

I have neglected my poor blog, to be honest I have been busy working ( fashion design is apparently treated like brain surgery, its exhausting) but I have also been reading a ton.. I joined last year and have been keeping up with my Amazon reviews... so more updates coming soon, I am working on a new blog idea that is basically a reading challenge of a 100 books a year and the barometer of where I'm at.. with reviews and some cool stuff for each book read.. this idea came from two sources, the first being Stephen King in his "On Writing" novel where he calls himself a slow reader, having gone through 70 books a year.. last year I read 65 and that number resonated in my head until I joined the Tracks what you read in 2010 post/challenge ( in my favorite Goodreads group, the Horror Aficionados )which is now starting fresh and new for this year.. so far I only got to 12 but I never rush just to make a number, it can't be mindless reading.. so watch out for more about this soon..

The house is quiet, Desmond and Emily ( cats) along with Cheech and Bruno ( chinchillas) are asleep, even boyfriend is snoozing, and I have just finished reading Joe Hill's "Heart Shaped Box" which was fantastic.. picking my new read now, below is what I got through so far... talk soon :)

Rating is 1-5

1. Ashes by Scott Nicholson ....4
2. Sleep Walk by John Saul .... 4
3. Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie ....4
4. The Mailman by Bentley Little ....4
5.The House by Bentley Little ....3
6.Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke (Hannah Swensen book#9) ....4
7.City Infernal by Edward Lee....5

8. Endless Night by Richard Laymon ....4
9.Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: The Jolie Wilkins Series Book 1by H.P. Mallory (Paperback)....4
10.Three to get deadly by Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum series #3....4
11.Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill....5
12.Bats out of Hell by Guy N. Smith....3

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