Thursday, October 9, 2008

Books, books, books..

I always remember loving books more than lots of other things as a kid. Sure I ran outdoors a lot, spent whole summers on my grandparents lush farm, picking apples form the orchard, falling into bubbling brooks trying to catch dragonflies, jumped on hay in the barn and chased chickens, biked in earthy forests and did all sorts of kid things but books were never far behind. These days I still love reading more than anything. Sometimes I read so much I get sick of it for two or three days but the hunger comes back, stronger than ever. What’s better then finding a really good, juicy book that makes everything else irrelevant, one that make me think of it while I work, eat or travel, one that makes me fight sleep at night and one that I yearn to read in the morning. Those strong books are little harder to find but they do exists, sometimes the simple act of reading is so relaxing and comforting that the book doesn’t have to be the best, but simply good enough.

Often I gaze at my room, filled with all sorts of novels, horror, fantasy, mystery, you name it I have it and each is a world that sparkles and shines with colorful scenarios that I can jump into anytime I please. I do hope I get to read them all one day, hopefully that will be soon since I have an affinity to shop for them faster than I can keep up reading them. Sometimes when I have a free hour or two after work I get of the train by my house and walk up to the huge Barnes and Nobles and make my familiar rounds, walking through all the isles, grazing the covers with my eyes, making mental notes to check them out at home online, read reviews and perhaps find better deals. I have found some of my favorite writers this way, just by walking up and down the isles and picking up whatever looked interesting, Richard Laymon for example; his horror mixed with erotica and fantasy is unlike any other. I do this every week and I’m always hungry to discover more and more…

Sometimes good old fashioned browsing of any bookstore is more fun than all the glossy cyber images I see online, somehow touching books makes the more personal and alluring, more earthy and delicious so take a walk, visit any store and get lost in the isles.


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Mark Irwin said...

Dear Kasia,

I looked at your website/blog because I wanted to ask you to review a recent novel of mine. I just wanted to tell you that you are a very soothing writer. I'm afraid the same can't be said for my novel, 'Last Of The Good Guys'. If you should ever return to look at this visit my website

Your last entry was in 2008. Are you still here?