Monday, February 21, 2011

Good reading for the past few days..

After what seemed like two whole weeks where all I managed to read all week long was one measly novel I made sure to get my book fill this weekend and I have accomplished that, I finished Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill, Bats ouf of Hell by Guy N. Smith ( great 80's author that helped shape what we know of this genre today) and Carrot Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke which is a cozy mystery with recipes, sometimes horror needs a bookmark and cozy little bites are perfect, now I'm totally immersed in a vampire short story collection by a horror giant, Brian Lumley... Coven of Vampires is 13 short stories.. so far I read three in one sitting and I'm really enjoying it so far..

I still review everything I read on and on I'm currently a few reviews behind but that's only because I'm on a sudden book hungry trip that has kept me from catching up, I could do them late at night but the next day fixing the typos and all that stuff isn't the way to go.. for now I'm semi updated, link my review page:

Kasia's Amazon Reviews

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