Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodmorning morning!

Best day of the week – easy, Saturday.

Saturday morning to be exact, I can wake up with no rushing or worries, no work, no showering, eating, no nothing unless I say so. I can lounge like a cat and be lazy but the best part waits outside the door – The Sunday Book Review from The New York Times (strangely it’s the Sunday edition but comes a whole day early, woo hoo)…

Now I know anyone can access The Book Review online, but there’s something real about having the pages in my hand, perhaps a laptop in between sheets feels less intimate then cellulose married though the hydrogen bond ( paper) that rustles and murmurs as I graze my eyes over each and every page. I don’t read every review and article; there is no sense in forcing to learn more than I can take early in the day but it always brings me plenty of satisfaction. I always save the best morsel for last; the weekly bestsellers just to see how close I am to actually having read any of the best selling words of those hardworking people who dare to do this for a living. Some choices boggle me, some I agree with, some I all ready read and can nod my head to and others get added to my wish list. I rarely wake up and make coffee to enjoy with my paper, for some reason I am not on that level yet…perhaps the water I always keep next to the bed will have to do for a while.

There’s tea of course, I manage to make a cup of nice orange green tea here and there but black tea is the best, often making me crave my favorite Saturday brunch – oysters….that is if I manage to get my lazy self out of bed, into the shower, then dressing, makeup, blah blah…no wonder I stay in bed longer than deemed proper who has time and energy for that seven days a week?

The only thing better than The Book Review is reading an actual book, and that starvation always attacks me when I read my paper so I end up wrapping it up quicker than usual when I have something good waiting for me at my feet, usually a book I kicked to the side before falling asleep.

Read up kids, it’s good for you



Betty Dravis said...

OMG, Kasia, What a lovely way you have of waking up. Me, I'm an up-and-at-'em kind of person. After saying a short morning prayer, I bounce out of bed, make tea and go onto our lovely front-porch bench and enjoy my green tea with a wake-up ciggie. (Please don't preach ... but ... It's sort of late to teach this "young/old person" new habits.)

I love the graceful, leisurely pace of your blog and the title is delightful. It's nice to learn more about you.

Love you, Little Red,
Your fascination with books is enviable.

Fondly and with lots of hugs,
Betty Dravis
(Check my new website ... under construction, so will be more fancy as we go along ... but I don't want it too crammed and too busy, if you know what I mean.) Click on my name (blue) to get to it. xoxoxo

K said...

Betty~ Oh what a nice comment, you brightened my day! I wish I had a porch, growing up in Poland I had the pleasures of balconies and all that stuff, but maybe one day...

I will check out your site, can't wait to read more about your books!

lots of luv