Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pick your poison

There’s nothing like a nice cold beer in the summer…that thought was proven true when I took a little break while doing laundry this evening. When my sheets were in the drier I ran to the store and they were almost out of beers in their fridge, unbelievable! I had to settle for a huge bottle of Corona and it made me realize how people love cold beer on sticky hot days and nights. The Mexican and Thai beers are my favorite, their tangy, light and zesty taste feels refreshing for my palate but there’s nothing wrong with an herbal Heineken once in a while. Tiger Beer is my favorite, very soft and easy to drink but hard to find unless you try the local Fairway market, a haven for tons of people who love to run anyone they can with their shopping cart. I don’t recommend going there while in a grumpy mood, worse mood will almost always take over unless one really loves a thick, pushy crowd.

Water is my favorite thing to drink, maybe because I always knew how good it is for my body and how it makes my skin glow, I drink tons daily and then there’s tea…ah…sweet and tasty it takes on a new life in the summer with some ice cubes. I tend to make some vanilla or mint ices teas whenever the mood strikes, usually sweetened with honey, there’s nothing worse then breaking that Zen moment with a bucket full of sugar. It helped to order a nice sample of 30, yes I said 30 loose teas from Golden Moon Tea ( which has a lovely website) and I am plowing though exotic flavors like rose, chai and peach in white, green, oolong and black varieties. I can’t recommend that brand enough!

In the morning during work days I almost always get a coffee. Usually I make it to my office, barely on time, get to my desk, spray it with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day spray cleaner ( this month is Rhubarb flavor) and wipe it clean, getting ready for my breakfast. Unless there’s a fashion emergency I usually sneak out and grab a yogurt or bagel or baguette with egg and tomato and in the summer always an iced coffee. Plain black with soy milk, no sugar ( for some crazy reason I never sweeten my iced coffee, something I would think revolting with hot coffee) and go back upstairs as I sip away. The familiarity of how food it tastes is fighting with the beer I'm sipping now, so I gotta go…gotta drink that Corona or it will go flat on me.

Nighty night and catch ya later



Daniel Perez, Bear Computer Repair said...

wow K, you are a very deep thinker. I like the way you analyze things, your thoughts, I meant.
That Corona sounds good,just like me tonight, I'll be drinking it ice cold,brrrrrrrrr!Nitey night.

K said...

Haha, thanks but I was just rambling on, really I like to write a lot more than it looks in my reviews, some things have no place in Amazon reviews so this is the perfect outlet for my thoughts. You need to keep up with your blog, now that you have ME infected with the blogger virus lol.