Monday, July 14, 2008


So I finally had some time for a nice manicure after work. I’m really no snob, I know I can do it myself but sometimes its just nice to sit back and let someone else pamper you, doing a better job than you can do yourself with one hand, after all it’s a little bit of luxury, no? Well not in this case, I managed to run out of my office just in time to beat bunch of yapping chicks but I ended up getting stuck with Attila the Hun of nails…is it impossible to file nails without causing pain? Yes, and listening to other people’s conversation less then paying attention to what you’re doing, right so…my little bit of rest and relaxation felt like a climb on the side of a volcano, I just don’t get why someone in “beauty” business would handle a pair of hands like they were a wooden floor in need of rough scrubbing…So the nails sucked, they look like I did them myself…next time this lady smiles at me I swear I will walk straight out, she made me feel like a cow in a meat processing plant, then send me off with a BIG smile that meant nothing to her only to jump on her next piece of meat….boy I felt bad for the girl who got her for a pedicure, Im sure her terrified expression few minutes into it was for a reason.

Another annoying thing, my order from Sephora of some lovely perfume ( Cleopatra by TOCCA) arrived damaged, half spilled, just awful…I can’t wait till they open the phone lines to get an earful of someone who had a spilled perfume and a bad manicure all in one day, and yes work was hell too..boss was out and I had to do everything as usual…

So my first post is not cheerful but life is dark and hey, I will laugh at it tomorrow, or in a few hours, it’s after 1 am, I can never get to bed before that magical time, sigh…peace out night owls, till next time


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K said...

Hi Danny,

I am slowly getting over that horrid episode, funny thing I just did my own nails now and they look way better, I might have to tip myself!