Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sea Sick by Iain Rob Wright review

 Ahhh, love the scent of the sea or the ocean, the salt and the merciless green or black blue, you're in its beauty and mercy all at once, the force that doesn't listen!

 Sea Sick by Iain Rob Wright


*5 out of 5 gold skulls

 Splish Splash, keep your feet inside

Sea Sick is one delicious nugget of a horror story, I read a lot on my new Kindle so I ran into this as a special without any info about it but after gobbling it up I had to read three more books by this guy, Iain Rob Wright has the skills and the guts to write some good stuff, reading this one left me very excited and checking out a few more of his works left me sure that I have found a new author to look out for. I absolutely love island or sea stories but this enticed me in the usual way but it gave my brain a kick, Sea Sick is a fun ride with some freaky details that give it that horror edge.  The ending wasn’t a shocker since I was able to figure out some stuff but most of it still got me, I remember spending a whole weekend in bed with this story, it had me in a trance and was a total blast.

When Jack, a cop on semi insisted mental vacation, boards the Kirkpatrick he has no idea what he has just signed up for, his semi relaxing cruise turns into a real nightmare when not only his days start to repeat but people on the ship turn into violent and blood thirst zombie like creatures, no matter what he does each day starts the same way but it’s also a fun way to interact with people and act in a magician like manner, telling them their secrets because so many days with them have passed ala the Ground Hog Day. After a while Jack realizes that someone else can walk the time the same way he has and that the plot is thickening while not being entirely good for him and his future and that perhaps he is starting to age after all while stuck in a time loop, Jack must figure out what is stopping the time from continuing and why people turn to crazies at 8pm before his own life runs out. Following him on his wild journey has been a ton of fun, I loved this book, it was hard to stop reading it and the ending packed a punch or two…I can’t say enough other than, read it!

- Kasia S.

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