Monday, December 30, 2013

BOOKS * TEA * AND KITTIES UPDATE 12.30.2013 Monday

                                                                                         CURRENT MOOD - old school festive

Tchaikovsky: Ballet Suites Berliner Philharmoniker Deutsche Grammophon is what I'm currently listening to , nice to get the MP3's delivered to your pc in a flash, thanks Amazon! Berliner Philharmoniker is my absoluter favorite recording orchestra but I  adore all the Deutsche Grammophon alums that are out.

*Book currently reading - Dune by Frank Herbert 

Since I have a few days left of my usual work winter break (finally a plus for being a designer) this morning after having some coffee on the couch I decided to hop on a train to a Forest Hill's Barnes  & Noble and pick up a paper copy of Dune. I’ve been reading it on my Kindle but with good juicy things like Game of Thrones, Pendergast series by Preston and Child or something of this magnitude no e book would do. I finally decided on the oversized paperback 40th Anniversary Edition from ACE books from 2005. When I was at the bookstore ( wearing my pajama top under the coat no less, no but worries I had on pants! Real grown up pants, well jeans...) after walking around gathering books I sat down with my bags of goodies that I’ve collected before even getting to the store and leafed through a paperback and a hardcover as well in those large wooden chairs they have set up all over, the overall feel and font was best in this one and call me picky as I could be lazy on the couch at the moment but I wanted a paper copy damn it and the best one had to do no matter the price, cheaper or not, it had to feel right..hard top explain but it was the most pleasurable for my eyes. I started from beginning and then skipped to page forty where I’m currently at and liked how it looked, so home with me it went. I like these random ninja expeditions, especially when I'm home lone on a day off the prospect of jumping somewhere to grab something I love like cheese or books or Japanese candy, well that's hard to resist even to a sloth like me. And it's winter, no need to get fully dressed if you're wearing a big enough coat, score lol. 

Shaggy approved of my purchases of the morning as he checked out my other two cookbooks which I also had to have, Nigelissima by Nigella Lawson and the latest Pioneer Woman cookbook, both are visually stunning, I can’t wait to eat through them!

So Dune..This is a big guy and I do like chunky books but from what I understand about it so far from reading reviews and hearing constant praise is the emotional and metal heft it carries, and not because it’s a big book. People simply love this, calling it their favorite book ever, that’s quite a nice thing to say about a book, something so many of us like all ready. So here I am, jumping into Dune, well mainly because I just finished The Passage by Cronin and my boyfriend seemed very insistent that I finally read Dune, he didn’t have to twist my arm too long with this one.

*Tea - no tea this season, not sure why it’s been replaced by other liquids and by that I mean beer. And water and coffee, no worries I still drink other stuff haha. I’ve been so busy with food and cooking that this blog should be renamed as Books, Food and more  Food and oh some cats…I’ve been addicted to the Food52 site for almost two years now, it sort of gave me comfort when I happened to be home alone when my bf was traveling to visit family and I was alone and having to work while dealing with my uncle’s passing, that site along with my favorite Nigella Lawson cookbook read in bed ( Nigella Summer) were my gateway out of feeling blue, I jumped in and cooked things that people were nuts over, and I’m still a fan. I usually wake up early on the weekend and reach for my Kindle and read the blog and pick what I want to eat that day, quite often from what I find on the site, it’s the best, ever.

                  - I actually found a picture of the book and what I made that morning ( Ricotta Hot Cakes)  on the day I was talking about in this blog, my phone is such a diary!

*Kitties - my babies are all good ( Desmond, Emily/Mimi and Shaggy Dog)  finally accepting Shaggy who we got a whole year ago from ASPCA, him and my 1st male Desmond keep rubbing heads, Des is a bit of a bully who wants to be king and Shaggy had no socializing skills when he came to us and is still working it out but he’s such a marshmallow! He still doesn’t act like a cat, I think he’s part Lynx or Bob Cat, he has the wildest streak in him and I’ve had cats since I was a baby, and I’ve never met a cat like him, I think he’s part werewolf! Now my boyfriend wants more cats, he saw a pair of two Scottish short hairs on pet sites he keeps finding, Lily and Lucy who lost their owner but I can’t imagine cleaning up that much cat hair and mind you, I had 4 cats at my mom’s house and they all insisted on sleeping in my twin bed with me ( and they did not all get along lol), so not sure, and I’m the animal freak here yet I’m the one who sounds like an adult “ no, no more pets please” lol.. so we’ll see… happy new 

                                                                                                               Emily  & Desmond 


Happy and book-a-licious 2014 to all


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