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Slither by Edward Lee review and happy September :)

If you’re a horror fiend like me then you probably all ready know that Edward Lee is a must read in this genre. It’s unbelievable how his brainy, balsy stories pour out of the pages, reading his tales feels different, his reads really do stand out. I actually read and wrote the below review back in 2007, so it’s a bit silly but my heart is still in this book, six years later it’s still my very favorite Lee book that makes that very same  heart skip a beat when I think about it. You certainly wouldn’t want to be teleported into this story, stumbling in the dark sweat inducing jungles with something slithering your way in the dark where you’re nothing but dinner in those circumstances. I don’t know about you guys, but the image of being a meal in some other creature’s stomach scares the bejesus out of me, no wonder I don’t like to eat a lot of meat lol.

SLITHER by Edward Lee

5.0 out of 5 starsGross fest of infinite proportions

Leave it to Edward Lee to write something that is both funny and scary and beyond addictive to read once the book is open. The writing style involved wit and charm and totally fascinating scientific jargon that I always enjoy learning something from as he made a tale that was gross enough to raise a few hairs and a tale which made me stay up reading until I was dead tired and count even think of going to work the next day but it was all worth it.

Pritchard's Key was a seemingly deserted lush tropical island right off the coast of Florida. It was the perfect place for polychaetologists such as Nora and Loren who spend their entire academic lives studying segmented worms to take a National Geographic photographer Annabelle for a rare photo shoot revolving around the very rare bristle worm. The island was a non operating military reservation with running water, electricity and barracks, the perfect place to relax, catch a tan and photographs some of nature's most beautiful creations but then there was something else, something unnatural and dangerous, something beyond the crews wildest nightmares that slithered in the shadows and wasted no time...

Along with the scientist and the photographer came Trent, the army warrant officer who was in charge of keeping them safe and because he was responsible for checking in on the island every month to make sure it was in tact as it was closed off to the population. Right off the bat Nora and Annabelle hated each other, the scientist was tall and thin, pale with frizzy hair while Annabelle was a blonde bombshell with stellar physique that turned heads and enjoyed playing dumb to get all the male attention. It was staggering how Edward Lee wrote both of the characters are they were as opposite as night and day and the bickering and the fighting was one of the best parts of the book. The comments were clever and hilarious while an ominous and dreadful atmosphere started to spread. Pretty soon after getting to the island strange things began to happen as the crew started to notice some unusual behavior involving species of worms and insects they have never seen before. The whole island seemed to be crawling with yellow ova which are mobile worm carrier attacking fish and crustaceans in the water and mammals on land

What the parasites did to the human hosts was unimaginable but it only made the mystery of their origins deeper as figures clad all in black ran around the island watching everyone form the shadows. The gore and the disgusting mutations happening to human victims who seem unaware at first of what was going on were pretty fascinating. The people in the book turned out to be the lab mice and only the ending, glorious and imaginative brought with it the relief and the horrendous answer to all the questions raised along the way.

Great tale that really sucked me in and had me hooked until I finished the last page and sat back amused. Now I can't wait to read more of Lee, for he always surprises with his silky smooth writing that is corroded with darkness and mischief.

- Kasia S. 

I hope that everyone is having a great September weekend, here in NY the weather is finally Earth like with some great little fresh windy days, the kind that give me a sore throat as I forget that it’s not necessarily a tee shirt and flip flops weather anymore, I’m spending my weekend cooking and reading Bon Appétit! magazine, which lend to a great dish with “dry” scallops today ( ask for them instead of the water logged, so delish) anyhoo.. happy reading :)

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