Thursday, September 19, 2013

Robin Cook reading order - all books

My love and adoration for medical thrillers seems to sprout from the same place that gave birth to my love of horror; my dad’s library back in Poland. I started reading these when I was a teen and they stuck with me. Robin Cook was my first literary doctor, my dad laughed when he told me that he was rushed for life saving burst appendix surgery while in midst of reading Coma at 3am before I was even born.. I sadly remember reading the meatiest part of Coma when 9/11 happened, I was on the train going to my morning college class about to go under the I cannot forget the feeling of reading one of Cook’s books but I certainly recommend him for some intelligent entertainment, even my email emerged from one of his books, if you know what it is it’s from Harmful Intent…Please don’t be scared or intimidated if you’ve never read medical thrillers, you don’t have to be a nurse or doctor to follow along. They are incredible if you have any interest in science and I was a holistic nut growing up so I ate them up.. Even though I work in the design field I wanted to be a pathologist after I gorged myself on Kathy Reichs so Cook is standard fare for me, my last read from him was Contagion ( haven’t seen the movie but the book was fantastic) and now that I wrote this reading order I want to dip back. Through the years I read more than a dozen of his books and I'm really looking forward to re-reads and new reads :)

Personally I think that Cook's strength lies in creating a great mystery, something weird is always going on and he truly gets the reader interested in each case, it's like a Hercule Poirot on steroids!


Jack Stapleton / Laurie Montgomery
1. Blindsight (1991)
2. Contagion (1995)
3. Chromosome 6 (1997)
4. Vector (1999)
5. Marker (2005)
6. Crisis (2006)
7. Critical (2007)
8. Foreign Body (2008)
9. Intervention (2009)
10. Cure (2010)

BlindsightContagionChromosome 6VectorMarkerCrisisCriticalForeign BodyInterventionCure


The Year of the InternComaSphinxBrainFeverGodplayerMindbendOutbreakMortal FearMutationHarmful IntentVital SignsTerminalFatal CureAcceptable RiskInvasionToxinAbductionShockDeath BenefitNanoCell

Coming up soon - maybe even this weekend if I’m not too lazy -  is my general update, the usual; what I’m drinking ( sangria) what my cats are up to ( nothing good)  and more book talk of course :) I’m contemplating my fall reads and purchasing some classic sci-fi / fantasy books that people rave about (Heroes Die by Matthew Woodring Stover) along with other fun reads. Anyhoo, I’m off to read ma latest fab find - “Serial Uncut” by Konrath/Crouch… superb btw ;) happy Thursday.


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