Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three To Get Deadly: Stephanie Plum Series, book 3 Review

I'm sure that people who love reading are quite familiar with this series and it's success, and those who arent - what are you waiting for?  Fun and silly, interesting and captivating at the same time - believe me when I say that it's a joy wether you're a new reader or all ready a fan.

Three To Get Deadly: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Stephanie Plum Novels #3) by Janet Evanovich

4.0 out of 5 stars Candy and mayhem

Stephanie Plum is quite the character, someone who appears to be pretty normal yet always on an invisible adrenaline bike pedaling after trouble! I will admit that humor is needed with this type of "crime" writing, it elevates it to a totally different level and it works, this series is wonderful and after starting it I can see why it's so well received. This is still a pretty cool mystery, don't get fooled by the jokes and mishaps, it has a backbone and integrity and even some grit here and there but it's good reading, the stuff you keep coming back to and luckily this series is currently up to book 17 ( Smoking Seventeen 2011) once you start it you want to keep going and to me that's the mark of a good read.

Plum is a bounty hunter but not by choice, more like her rent needs to get paid and her hamster likes a veggie or two for dinner each week, hence the odd job she gets tangled up in. She's no lethal superhero but a human and quite clumsy at times and she knows how to get the bullets flying, too bad that they are right over her own head. Hot on the trail of Uncle Mo (who's the favorite local candy salesman of course!) who is a guy that wouldn't hurt a fly -so the say, a guy that has simply disappeared. Apparently he missed a court date for getting busted with a concealed weapon and many are fearing that he's either dead or worse, gone shooting at the bad guys out there... unfortunately he's connected to the whole neighborhood and finding the culprit would save a lot of uncomfortable questioning. Stephanie is on his tail like a blister trying to catch a heel after a night of danced in strappy stilettos, with her sidekicks and a on and off again love interest she takes the reader on another fun ride, just reviewing this book makes me want to read the next one, very fitting for my 1000th review :)

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