Monday, April 18, 2011

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: The Jolie Wilkins Series, Book 1 Review

I don't usually read girly and bubbly even though I'm a fan of Young Adult fiction, fantasy and anything in between, this is nothing that a book lover should apologize for, sometimes paranormal romance is a good read, it can happen :P

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: The Jolie Wilkins Series, Book 1 by H.P. Mallory 

4.0 out of 5 stars Red hot fire, in a good way

I’m a huge Shakespeare fan and the title which is straight from Macbeth was a pretty cool way to jump start an enchanting series but don’t be fooled, it does has some serious and dark parts but they are mixed in with wit and charm and in the end I didn’t feel depressed, I was ready for more! To be honest I got this mostly because of the cute cover and I also thought that it’s time to branch out and try different genres. I love horror and urban fantasy, not really into romance but when done well it can go with any type of a book for an injection of realism I guess, this was such a blast to read and a total surprise, I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much, but I did since it was well written and engaging!  I got the second book in the series which is called “Toil and Trouble” ( someone REALLY loved Macbeth J ) at the same time as I got the first book but I’m saving that little morsel for as long as I can, which probably wont last long considering that the series keeps growing

When we first meet Jolie Wilkins she’s a single girl living in LA with a business that struggles, but it’s something based on an honest gift and something that is part of her soul, her psychic powers. A chance meeting however can skyrockets her brilliant future, fun and excitement and new digs but only if she survives. A tall guy walks in claiming that he’s a warlock and that he needs her powers, Jolie’s world changes as her eyes are open to another existence, one that is home to witches, vampires and werewolves, all that she will encounter, some will fight for her heart and others for her flesh, mystery, intrigue, death and romance, all here.  This wasn’t just a silly book, I felt connected to Jolie and Rand and their constant opposing characters that kept me caring about them, and it wasn’t easy peasy and there were some major setbacks that gave the book a spine but I recommend it for a great evening of entertainment. Details were well chiseled with words, Rand’s house was so luxurious that it floated in front of me ready to grasp and the intrigue of who was the real bad guy was intense, cant wait for more from this author!

- Kasia S.

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