Friday, January 2, 2015

Landline by Rainbow Rowell review

I'm always on Goodreads so when I saw that this nugget won the fiction #1 spot of 2014 I jumped at it.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell LANDLINE by Rainbow Rowell         ***/***** stars

This was my first time reading Rainbow and I’m happy to say that her prose goes down smoothly. Reading her work is like eavesdropping into phantom memories of select few; past and present laid out for touchy examination.


Young couple on a plate for us to dissect.

A phone that helix-lines the past and the present.

Add work, home cooking, two squirming babies and friends from past you work with and your almost there brighter than anything future career. Georgie stays in Cali home to work, Neil flies with kids to mom at Omaha for Christmas. In between something magical happens that isn’t corny. Yellow phone in Georgie’s teenage bedroom gives her a second chance, or rather is it a way to unravel her past? This is not some meaningless light read, this dives into the anatomy of a couple. Fun reading that just needs more cutting out.

Three stars refer more to the repetition of some stuff that could be shortened, some of the Neil agony blah. I enjoyed the story of Georgie, a witty TV show writer who has to spend a holiday away from her husband of many years, Neil and their two young daughters. The irony is that the whole time she’s back home in California all she can think of is her boy, her man, her Neil. The work she stayed for is nothing to the lush talks she has on him on her teenage yellow phone at her mom’s house. Those talks are not in the present entirely, she talks to Neil right before he proposed and suddenly all the angst and resentment has time to come up possibly and change the outcome of her love life. Time travel on a phone, sort of.

I read this while in bed during a winter holiday vacation and it was fun, a few tears for Petunia of all of them :P and overall like of the book, it was engaging, it sucked me in…just picky but with bit more polish and reduction and it would be perfect.

- Kasia S.

Happy 2015 and many good reads to all, I plan on 80 books this year, sorry cats, less time fore you.

This was a december wrap up, I'm also on 8Tracks, Tumblr and Instagram, kaiju8, kas_8888.. find me if you can. Cheers!


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