Saturday, February 15, 2014

BOOKS * TEA * AND KITTIES UPDATE 2.15.2014 Saturday 3;23pm

                                                                                             CURRENT MOOD - home comfort to the max

February is the ultimate winter month, well at least to a European like me, it’s not the best to bear through but man can it be stunning at times. As I’m typing away on my living room couch with my lamps on low providing enough glow to make my room cozy I’m thoroughly enjoying the visual of the white fluffy snow falling down softly, covering everything I know of my  world and suspending it in perfect silence. I love looking out my window when it snows especially if I don’t have to run outside on some schedule but being early Saturday today is quite magical. I literally feel like a cake being dusted with powder sugar, my building must look like something out of Narnia by now. 

This is what I call the ultimate quiet and peaceful afternoon; cats are sleeping, boyfriend is sleeping, chinchillas are asleep too…. my babies suspended in cloud like reality so I decided to make use of this quiet day and this being a thee day weekend left me feeling extra relaxed and in mood for some fun cozy home stuff.  I have all ready spend the morning suspended in my own reality, reading part two of the amazing Wayward series by Blake Crouch, it blew my mind in all the right ways so after finishing I had to get my hands on some baking soon or else I would have to find a book as epic and deep to match it, a hard task. After some afternoon coffee I fed a few huddling birds and squirrels with pieces of my breakfast roll and some organic walnuts.  I love living near a tree, some critter will always come back to visit and I tend to share a bit from my window; I love feeing and nurturing animals, nothing better in the world... I read some great horror stuff lately that will be reviewed soon and moved on to some Amazon Vine reads gathered on my coffee table that needed my attention, I picked up The House of Journalists by Tim Finch, but it was too close to the book I just finished in the authority region so I picked up Taipei by Tao Lin next, boy did it wake me up, a rush back to my 20’s ( I’m only 32 but this still rang a funny bell) lol.

*Book currently reading - Taipei by Tao Lin.

                                                              The actual cover                                            My cover :)

Seems to be a book about city hipsters, empty flat drug fueled relationships, it made me want to read it right away, it was so different than the thriller and sci fi worlds I’ve read about since December with Dune and the Pines books and I made me shudder and recoil, my memories of being twenty came back, living this life then, wahh no thanks but I’ll read about all the wrong roads taken by others, sure! 

*Tea - I’m having some nice black tea that goes with a tea cake, and speaking of cake I made an old favorite today, a Sugar Loaf from an old edition of Bon Appétit magazine which is my favorite food magazine to read. The joy of making this light yoghurt based cake is profound, something about whisking that light primrose colored batter with some flour, sugar and lemon zest, topped with some almonds is beyond cozy, baking a cake that smells like vanilla and home is so enjoyable to me, especially on a quiet cold day, some sunshine and warmth form the oven is nice with the snow falling right outside the kitchen window. This one is easy and tasty, as a cake or cool in the morning with tea, even sliced and toasted, possibilities are endless, sprinkle some cooked or fresh berries with cream , okay I have to stop now..This will be a nice snack for the boyfriend when he wakes up. Lucky him, damn I’m awesome :P)

*Kitties - all cats are finally getting along, they are sweet babies although today I saw a scratch on Desmond’s nose, wondered if it was from Shaggy or his own toes. I wanted to take a picture of the nearest kitty to me as I’m typing this blog note, its 4;24pm now, took me a bit to shape this.. Shaggy is sleeping on the couch behind me :)

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