Friday, January 17, 2014

Dark Woods by Jay C. Kumar review - aka Bigfoot love fest

I read this book almost seven years ago yet it still haunts me, I don’t even care much about Bigfoot one way or another, but something about the cover compelled me to take it home with me when I saw it at the library.  Sometimes with books you have to follow your gut and sometimes it’s good to allow different things take your hand and show you the possibilities hidden behind all those pages, in all those books that are around us. So yay to good gut choices, never mind that I got repeatedly kicked in the gut as I read it lol, and I mean in a literal way, kicked by the story, so goooodd…. Actually a good time for a re-read as well :)


5* out of 5*

I often like to remember each week of my life by the book I was reading, it's a small habit I have that brings a smile to my face and helps the gray cells from shrinking. This week was truly good in the wild world between pages of a book that almost made me smell the earth, hear leaves flapping in the wind and the concentration and precision that made the main hero such an incredible character pushed through my veins and made me hold my breath on more than one occasion.

Dark Woods is an exquisite surprise, the world of hunting never interested me, a person who would never wear fur and who detest any type of animal abuse but I found myself lost and mesmerized by Mr. Kumar's polished language. The book was not only a real pleasure to read because it was so smooth, intense and woven with light and sound that leaped of the pages but it contained just a small handful of characters who stood out and who were truly memorable. Frank Vaughn is a Deputy Sheriff and a hunter who seems to have spotted a trail that left a dead body and a ripped apart animal that point to non other than a Sasquatch, that's Big Foot for those not familiar with furry monsters. He often goes hunting which is well depicted with great respect to the animals and with clear intentions of not wasting anything away. While on his hunting trip his friend Boone gets wounded and ends up in the hospital while Geek, I swear not everyone had funny names, helps Vaughn take their friend to safety but refuses to go back and make sure the animal is not staggering wounded and in pain in the dark woods. The also find a body of a local poacher who suffered a terrible death by the same dark creature that they caught a glimpse of. Pretty soon the word gets out and Vaughn is joined by a science professor Art Lansing and a few other characters, some with genuine intensions and some not so spotless. Some people in the group seemed to have an idea about how expandable the over populated human society is and would stop at nothing in the pursuit of the beast.

Mr. Kumar does an excellent job of writing about the Skookum County, Washinton's rugged mountainous terrain and the dark, the cold and lonely hunt that Vaughn and the others perused. The tale is truly addictive, I felt every breath held, every calculated step, the babbling of the cold brook, the serene air and grace of nature and the tiny powers of the human against its wrath. Everything was very tantalizing until the crew noticed something, the hunting slowly turned tables and they were no longer hunting, they were becoming the hunted and the terror was more than real, it was hair rising and quite fabulous to read about. For those who have been in the woods alone like a needle in haystack this book can reenact some of that eerie yet calm feeling. It was a really great experience since woods are nothing foreign to me and it reminded me of the tranquil days I spent, not chased by a colossal creature thank god but in the presence of nature.

This tale is about something that is greater than we can comprehend and perhaps it is real, running in the wild out there somewhere. Perhaps it's the world's smartest creature because it has never been caught and experimented on in the lab, free to me be king of its own dense domain of silent servants that the trees so willingly became. So read Dark Woods and find out for yourself what elegant and thoughtful writing is about, and this book will surprise on many levels that are beyond a creature story but a tale that deals with environmental issues and how politics can corrupt pretty much everything to appear the way the heavy movers want us to see, whether its an UFO, Yeti or the Aliens lol.

- Kasia S.

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