Friday, August 2, 2013

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn review

Friday :) 

Of course the cynic in me is all ready thinking about Monday haha. What is it they say... prepare for the worst? :P Anyhooo, since it's my favorite day of the week I'm posting one of my favorite reads from the last few months. I read Gone Girl last September but I'm slowly getting around to uploading my reviews from Ammy and Gr so here she be, a terrific story that truly kept me at the edge of my seat.

by Gillian Flynn 
5.0 out of 5 stars Dark and sublime, a real treat!

Nick & Amy,

Two young aspiring writers who managed to find each other and who fell in love during warm summer nights, silly weekend trips and who bonded over all the whimsy and fun that NY offered them. Fast forward to their five year wedding anniversary and Nick is a mess and Amy nowhere to be found...

Gone Girl is a story about a marriage that is hijacked buy something twisted, a need to play and make people learn their lessons. It's a highly intelligent and witty story with more plot contortions and turns than a labyrinth in the middle of a grand garden. I was surprised with myself when it ended that I still rooted for one character over the other, you think you know them but you don't ( just like with people in real life) and as with all books the reader will add his own personality to the enjoyment of the outcome.

The writing style and the content reminded me of my favorites; Kate Christensen, Jennifer Egan, Greg Iles and some Hitchcock thrown it, the book will punch you in the gut and smack your in the chin and tell you to keep reading or else.. I had a blast diving into this story every time I opened the book and it's tales like this one that stay on my mind longer, parts of it cling inside and come up every once in a while when I rethink my favorite reads. I don't suggest that everyone jumps on the popular book band wagon because I don't really care about that status, read what speaks to you and if you love it then great, but I see people read it only to bash it with glee because it is popular, and that's just sad. Hating books because they are popular and wanting to rip them apart is more psycho than the actual characters in this book ... just saying!

- Kasia S.

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Great review!

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aww my favorite Jon!!

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Amit Agarwal said...

This is a devastating thriller which shows what a talented writer can do at the height of her creative power.This book literally throbs with a raw power which drives the narrative at full throttle till the end .Probably Dan Brown can learn a thing or two from this brilliant writer as to how to write a thriller which would embody all the qualities of a classic.After so many years I have come across a book which I unabashedly would recommend for those who wonder why there is a dearth of great writers writing thrillers.This writers earlier book has won the Edgar Award and since I am one of those who admire my agatha christie and conan doyle, Edgar allan poe and Edgar Wallace as well as the good old G K chesterton i was looking for something which would be a page turner but could remind me of literary style of the great writers of crime fiction of the golden era and this writer has greatly justified the faith i reposed in her .I am really surprised to see some reviewers criticizing her style .well she is writing from the perspectives of a working class American couple who have lost their job because of the Meltdown of 2008 .Do you expect them to talk in latin or a la Poirot in French .I bought the first edition[hardcover]which Flipkart was the first to offer and i treat this book as an honorable addition to my collection of crime fiction.If you love crime fiction do read this book .This book is my best crime fiction read of this year. I have made it point to read the other two novels written by Ms.Flynn.Great ,a writer in full command of this genre ,a writer to watch out for.