Monday, August 5, 2013

Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs review

Welcome to the Monday Mournings, well technically it's early Tuesday since its 12;49 in NY now... and to my 2nd installment of Kathy Reichs , I was happy to see interest in her work from my little itty bitty blog, I consider her to be not only brilliant with her razor sharp forensic anthropology but also impeccable when it comes to her character development and intrigue, I have been reading this series for 3 years now and every once in a while I will actually wonder "what is Tempe doing right now?" and Tempe being Temperance Brennan, a real protagonist, not flawless but fleshed out and actually interesting chick, who knew..okay I ramble on, I blame it on my music, when I sit down to type up my blog I usually have my ears stuffed with some sort of music and this time it's a new album from Nick Phoenix I just bough ( from my favorite reading/writing musical duo Two Steps from Hell, which I HAVE to read when I read the Game of Thrones books if I read them while commuting, a must lol...) here it is, the 2nd book in the series, I remember reading it slumped down on a carpet line waiting to go see Alice in Wonderland in 3D at 10 am back in 2010, the book left more memories that than movie that day even though I liked both :)

by Kathy Reichs ( Temperance #2)

4.0 out of 5 stars Thick and juicy, keeps you glued to the pages
The second book in the series was wonderful, somehow it was even better than the first which I found to be a bit long and overly wordy ( yet enjoyable never the less) this left me hungry for more, what better in a continuing story line than a hook line and sinker type of feeling, reading "Death du Jour" made me crave the next book right away. I almost never read a series one after another, I give myself a break because it's always better to crave the next than get stuck in a similar story and feel like I'm reading an eight hundred page book. That said I can't recommend Kathy Reichs enough, she knows what she's talking about and she engages the reader rather than making me feel like I'm standing on the site and observing, I couldn't wait for a free moment to sit and read, on the train, during lunch, before bed, you get the gist...

Its winter time and Temperance finds herself working on a misplaced nun coffin, along the way she gets called to examine the victims of a fire, this of course is no ordinary accident, what fire victims after all have execution style bullet wounds in their head? Clues from her work place and a nearby university reveal that something foul is going on, as usual Tempe gets mixed up into a situation that puts her life in danger, her character is so well written that the reader feels her victories and her falls with great flair. I loved solving the mystery alongside of her, tracking strange disappearances and wondering what happened to the mutilated bodies, traveling and picking up clues and forming opinions of a bunch of zany characters, for those who love gristly deaths, mystery, clues, realistic characters and engaging dialogue this is a real treasure, I hope this series has thirty books in it by the time she's done because deep down I want to read them all. I liked the realistic element of danger, in the previous book her close friend meets with a deadly end so you never know when someone is going to exit the story, it keeps you on your toes! I also enjoyed the bit of romance developing, it made things a bit more interesting, and trust me, it's not nauseating, it adds to the depth of the book. This was another nice read from Reichs and I can't wait to dig right back in.

- Kasia S.  


Jon Recluse said...

You've sold me! :)

fisherman said...

on page 22 how can a small coffin filled with dirt weigh ten tons and be lifted without using a crane? please enlighten as not too sure about reading on.