Saturday, September 3, 2011

Something From the Nightside by Simon R. Green book review

 Something From the Nightside ( Nightside book #1)
 by Simon R. Green

4.0 out of 5 stars The night has teeth on these streets.

If you have darkness inside you then it must be hard to stay away from a place such as the Nightside. The London's evil twin is where the action happens, the rules go out the window as all is fair in love and war when a private eye has to go further than the norm to find a missing person. The other world is laden with fantasy where anything your mind can dream up happens. This series was strikingly similar to Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series which I'm reading at the same time but in parallel years and reading Green makes me crave Butcher and vice versa. This book was intriguing enough for me to want to read the next one and I have to be frank and say that the covers are also very interesting, they stick in the mind and ask to be read, so good job on the art, it's nice when the book is a complete package although it's not really necessary but I'm an artist so I have to give a nod to that aspect.

So back to Nightside, the place where the wild things are, where people who cross over are in trouble and often have strange and unusual talents and powers. Our protagonist is John Taylor and he's a private investigator in the regular world but in the other dimension -if you want to call it that he's well known and feared but it's all shrouded in mystery of course, something about his past and his family scares the pants off a few bad guys. From the start the author makes sure we know how afraid every freak in the other world is when they suddenly encounter him. That's done a little forcefully but it helps to propel him into higher stratospheres to complete the job. He's on a mission to find a girl but what he gets is a whole ton of trouble, the ending was pretty good and I enjoy a good twist in the story here and there and the book had a pretty trippy ending.

This wasn't an amazing read but it was fun and I'm currently up to book three and my curiosity is still peaking, I liked the creatures, the chases and fights, the "I wonder how they get out of this jam alive" type of a feeling, well it's all here and I'm ready for some more.

- Kasia S.

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