Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs book review

Monday Mourning: A Tempe Brennan Novel (Temperance Brennan Novel #7 ) by Kathy Reichs

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast action, great science, real characters

This series is a mix of some of my favorite things -medical thrillers and horror books and suspenseful reads with a really cool dash of anthropology thrown in. It also has some really great characters that keep me coming back for more, Temp Brennan is warm and intelligent and has a real life charisma while having the worst luck when it comes to safety and work. She tends to get into trouble quite often, mostly from discovering who the bad guy is when it comes to unearthing remains that look like homicides. So far this series has been fantastic and every time I finish one book I want to start the next one right away and it's not an easy task for such a specific theme. I like how each book has a different topic, the author does a great job of being original and creative. Forensic anthropology is like those tv shows late at night where old cases are opened up when a clue comes in and every bone and speck is re-examined to catch the killer and finally put the questions to rest. This has danger, drama, always a good mystery with a 'who done it' type of a feel and a nice progression of the main characters and their involvement with one another. Tempe travels between Quebec and North Carolina and this time she's back in Canada which I favor, the French characters - Claudel and Chardonneau are back in action and Andrew Ryan is never far away, his involvement with Tempe is interesting and unlike some reviewers I like the two together, tensions or not it adds another dimension to a heavily science laden story. I recommend reading these in order, this is book number seven and the stories continue from one to another.

While testifying at a trial in Montreal, Tempe is called into an old building that has become a pizza parlor where remains of three females are found in shallow graves, the place might be old but the bones aren't and Tempe sticks her neck out against her bosses and people above her to prove that these are no ancient remains. She follows her nose on a trail that leads to cold blooded murder and anthropology is the last thing on her mind, survival is what she wishes for by the time she knows what to do with her answers. This was a fast and intense read, best enjoyed unspoiled, I loved it!

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