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Weekend by Christopher Pike book review

 Young Adult fiction, oh yeah!!

 Weekend  by Christopher Pike

4.0 out of 5 stars This one might be your last!

I'm thirty but I've been a huge fan of Pike since I was a teenager and as much as I love Young Adult fiction I haven't read him in a while so this was a nice treat after so many years. I still remember all the novels I read from him and I simply loved his Last Vampire series so after all that time I'm happy to read his stuff again, a bit silly and naïve here and there but solid when it comes to intrigue while still being fun and intense at the same time! Weekend is the author's second novel and I didn't even know that until I looked it up, quit good for a second time publishing something! His books tend to be thriller like with a supernatural element and the `who did it' that echoes Agatha Christie mixed in with some Stephen King like imagination when it comes to creating his villains. Pike is great at shocking endings, I remember a few that were simply stunning (Road to Nowhere, The Immortal, Monster)even writing a review makes me want to read him again, I'm itching to re-read The immortal since I have it as an ebook, the previous read was from a library that I visited with a passion as a teen.

Weekend is about a group of teenagers who drive out to a mansion in Mexico where their ailing fiend lives with her sister and father. A year ago Robin was poisoned and almost died, left with a bad kidney she's a slave to her dialysis machine but she still wants her friends over to celebrate whatever she has left of life, unfortunately someone in the group doesn't seem content on letting things be and bizarre incidents start happening, the four guys and five girls realize that one of them is the same person who was responsible for getting Robin sick during that one party a year ago, even Robin doesn't want to believe that it really was someone she knew but when people start to die everyone starts to look suspicious, the weekend begins, whoever makes it to the end is the lucky one!

This was one heck of a mystery and I kept changing my mind about a thousand times, a great read especially during a slow weekend! The desert heat, cool ocean, luxurious mansion, fighting couples, ahhh teenager life, better to read about than re-live hehe.. Good stuff!

- Kasia S.

This guy wrote like 4000 books, well seems like it, this list if just the novels, for full list click on any cover and it will take you to my fave site that lists all in order.

Slumber Party (1985)
Weekend (1986)
Chain Letter (1986)
The Tachyon Web (1986)
Last Act (1988)
Spellbound (1988)
Gimme a Kiss (1988)
Scavenger Hunt (1989)
Fall into Darkness (1990)
Witch (1990)
See You Later (1990)
Sati (1990)
Whisper of Death (1991)
Die Softly (1991)
Bury Me Deep (1991)
The Season of Passage (1992)
The Ancient Evil: Chain Letter 2 (1992)
Master of Murder (1992)
Monster (1992)
The Eternal Enemy (1993)
Road to Nowhere (1993)
The Immortal (1993)
The Wicked Heart (1993)
The Cold One (1994)
The Midnight Club (1994)
The Listeners (1994)
The Visitor (1995)
The Starlight Crystal (1995)
The Lost Mind (1995)
Execution of Innocence (1997)
The Star Group (1997)
Hollow Skull (1998)
Magic Fire (1998)
The Grave (1999)
The Blind Mirror (2003)
Falling (2007)
The Secret of Ka (2010)

Slumber PartyWeekendChain LetterThe Tachyon WebLast ActSpellboundGimme a KissScavenger HuntFall into DarknessWitchSee You LaterSatiWhisper of DeathDie SoftlyBury Me DeepThe Season of PassageThe Ancient Evil: Chain Letter 2Master of MurderMonsterThe Eternal EnemyRoad to NowhereThe ImmortalThe Wicked HeartThe Cold OneThe Midnight ClubThe ListenersThe VisitorThe Starlight CrystalThe Lost MindExecution of InnocenceThe Star GroupHollow SkullMagic FireThe GraveThe Blind MirrorThe Secret of Ka 
How great are these covers? They made me get into reading as a teen that's for sure!

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M. said...

Loved this review! I didn't know Pike was a YA novelist, in the vein of Stine or even certain Laymons! That's a neato discovery I wouldn't have gotten if not for reading these insightful reviews. And of course the covers you displayed are mouthwatering! They pull you into the books whether you're up to the gills in other books or are too busy to even pick one up :) The premise for this one sounds intriguing, like a Hitchcock for kids, but the others you mentioned reading sound just as much fun!