Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ahh, she is

So it's finally the long weekend, long awaited let me just say ... this month was all work and barely any reading with an annoying cold that is still tangled up around me but I finally got to cook and read a bit. I also got myself a new chef knife, a nice 8" from Global which makes me want to sit in the kitchen and slice anything I can get my hands on. On Saturady I made some amazing pancakes following a Nigella Lawson recipie.  And read Agents of Light and Darkness by Simon R. Green which is part 2 of the Nightside series, kinda fun...

Today I fried some potates in goosefat sprinkled with fresh thyme and truffle salt and now I'm endulging in more reading as boyfriend takes an extended nap, nice and quiet for me to read my new read, The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie ...

This is a Miss Marple mystery so you wont find Hercule Poirot in it but it's still wonderful. I haven't read a Christie mystery in a few weeks and I missed that old fashioned goodness that envelops me, the books are so endearing but dont be fooled the mystery is sharp and hard to break, I have only guessed the bad guy once (the whole time I have been reading the series) and I'm a decent guesser who pays attention.

The library itself adds a cozy dimension that I enjoy in a mystery even if there was a body found it it, all ready it has a tone that sets the story. I'm trying to compile a list of books of her that I read since she has so many and I only read about a dozen but I love her style and the stories, they are never a waste of time but a great luxury to have on a quiet day.

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