Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book review : City Infernal by Edward Lee

I love horror and this was spicy, scary, funny, crazy imaginative/colorful.. just pure eye candy!

 City Infernal by Edward Lee

5.0 out of 5 stars Come right in for a little taste of hell

So far this has been my favorite book this year, the vivid imaginary and the witty horror mixed with some good fantasy propelled this story into stratospheres that leave many other copy cats in the dust. This book is about a city, but not just any city, an infernal city of hell, the reverse of what we consider normal and proper, a place where a young girl will end up entering to seek her twin virgin sister. The sister has committed suicide and in a way send Cassie on a quest beyond what is thought of as safe or sane, the story was part horror, part mystery and had an amazing amount of wit and some really good humor, I found myself chuckling a few times, something that I love in horror but which is very thought to pull off and still keep the suspense going. Edward Lee has a great imagination but he also knows how to insert it into a proper book, this reads wonderfully and since it's a part of series you want to be back for more, I'm all ready wishing I was reading the next installment. Guts, goo and gore in a Hellraiser like universe takes the reader on a wild ride and I promise that the imagination in this novel will not fail to astound, gross out and impress many readers.

There is the normal world, still full of zany characters but it exist merely to add a realistic balance to the novel, it's not all pure fantasy but it certainly peaks over the gates of sanity, Hell in this book is something that will make you feel lucky you're just reading about it, at least in this book. Blood of the sinners is distilled into water which is expensive, terror is what feeds and makes the city run, if you're really bad you get to come back as a lower creature every time you're killed until you end up as a fat dirty maggot chewing on carrion of other pathetic losers who never managed to live their lives right, but a change is coming, a battle is brewing and it's being propelled by a young girl who has certain qualities that will make the ending of this book read like one of the best adventure stories ever written. This is the first time that a living human has stepped into hell and what she manages to uncover and change will shake both worlds, this was a great and fast read, one that I will certainly remember for a while, not for the squeamish but not lacking brains either, quite funny and intelligent at the same time, I loved it.

- Kasia S.

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